After being given the sack by Queensland Nickel last week we had just $200 in the bank with rent to pay, overdue credit cards and a payment on the car due we were desperate.  A friend recommended we phoned this bloke for help. Within 24 hours Aiden had talked to all the people we owed money to and worked out an arrangement so we could get back on our feet.

Thank you Aiden you certainly lifted the weight off our shoulders

Tom & Sarah


Our credit card debts had just gotten on top of us it seemed the only way out was to borrow more on new cards to pay the old one really we were just spiraling into more and more debt never catching up.  Aiden's team negotiated a payment arrangement for us where consolidated all the debts and just made one low payment a month.

No more harassing phone calls from banks chasing money thanks to Aiden we're no longer scared to pick up the phone.

Neal and Jackie


Our house payments were in arrears as Bill had been laid off and had been unable to find work again.  It got to the point where the bank were just days away from repossessing the family home.  Aiden contacted the bank and negotiated a hardship plan just to get us up and running again and give us that much needed breathing space.  Thankfully Bill was able to find another job and we were back on track within a few months.

Thank you Aiden you saved our home.


Bill and Celia


My business had failed and I saw no way out other than going broke.  Aiden explained the various options available in this situation and once we had agreed upon a pathway the process itself was a lot less painful than I had expected.  A simple formal solution was found which was agreed to by creditors which gave us the capacity to fire back up the business and move forward with our lives once again and the best news of all we got to save the family home in all of this.

Thanks Aiden for giving us a second chance at life


Robert and Clare


I was heavily in debt to payday lenders who were charging really high interest rates it soon became obvious I could never climb out of this mountain of debt with help.  When the money ran out I just stopped paying and in no time my credit rating was bad so I couldn't borrow further money to even pay off old debts.  I couldn't even get credit for a new phone.

Aiden took control of my loans and negotiated a way out over time and repaired my credit file.

I've certainly learn't a hard lesson 'not to spend money I don't have'

Thanks Aiden for steering me in the right direction.




When the mining downturn hit it was only a matter of months before we went from a multi million dollar a month company to next to nothing almost overnight. Staff were laid off and I was at a complete loss as to where to go from there with creditors knocking at the door wanting to get paid.  I was a mess.  

The solution provided by Aiden Bryson & Partners was fast and simple and best of all our creditors agreed to the arrangement and we are now free to get on with our lives.

Thanks Aiden and the Team


Gil and Stephen